A Typical Day at The Auto Auction with Car Dealer License

Car Dealer License- Auction Photos. A Typical Day at the Auto Auction where you can only enter with your Dealer License. This is Manheim In Orlando Florida. It is the World’s Largest Auto Auction.

Autos, Autos Everywhere… But Where Does a Dealer Go To Buy Them?

Ok… it sounds simple at first glance… find used cars, appraise them, then sell.

But where do dealers go to find their inventory? Is there some undisclosed, underground “good old boys” network – only allowing “insiders” access to the better deals and trades?

Not to worry, because this Car Dealers License Course discloses everything you’ll need to know for finding the right vehicles at the right prices!

  • Auto Auctions – Where they are, how they work, how you bid, what you need to watch out for… this course will be like having a car pro at your side the entire time, pointing out the do’s and don’ts when attending an auto auction.

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