Dealer Plates

Dealer plates have several purposes. They are used to test a vehicle following a repair or to deliver a vehicle to or from a manufacturer, dealer, repairer or agent. Driving a vehicle from a dealer’s premises to a potential purchaser is also an important reason to have dealer plate. Dealer plates come with color options available in a fixed format, aluminum, and in a normal size.

Dealer plates may be used for transporting unlicensed vehicles on the public highways. There’s no restriction placed on how a dealer can use dealer plates as long as the vehicle is owned by dealership. A dealer can not put a dealer plate on a vehicle it is leasing or has sold. However, a dealers plate can be placed on loaded vehicles if the dealer has a loaded demonstration permit. Like any other plate, dealer plates expire and there is no grace period after the expiration of the plate. The expiration date is at midnight every June 30 or when a dealership has their dealer license suspended or revoked. A lost or stolen dealer plate may only be replaced after it has expired.