Car Dealer License Course

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The Total Package/Everything You need to get started!

  • Getting Started in the Car Business – (8 chapters)
  • Getting a Dealer License with the DMV – Made Easy
  • Necessary Forms – Samples to Buy & Sell Cars
  • Making Contacts in the Car Business
  • Internet Sources – 100 ways to use the Internet
  • CD-ROM – System Overview – in a Easy to Understand language
  • CD-ROM – Contacts in all 50 States – Car Auctions and associations
  • Total of 17 Lessons for your Car Dealer Licenses Business
  • Six Instructional Videos
  • Locating Services – Bonus Instructional Lesson
  • Auto Wholesale Business Plan – Bonus Excel Spreadsheet
  • “Making Plans To Succeed” – Joel Osteen’s Motivational Presentation


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17 Lessons, 6 Video Tutorials…Plus 3 Bonus Features!

When I said this course was complete, I meant every word of it!

It’s jammed packed with 17 individual learning segments – covering everything you’re likely to encounter when preparing, starting, building and running your used car dealership enterprise.

The video tutorials are informative and professional – taking you on live tours of how to appraise an auto before you plunk down your money, and even how to buy cars 24/7 by harnessing the power of the internet!

Even if you had no interest at all in starting your own business, the video tutorials alone on how to spot those car-lot lemons every time out would be well worth your investment.

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