The Used Car Business and Lies About Starting to Buy and Sell Cars For Profit!

You can start to sell and buy cars for profit with little experience of automobiles and little cash.

Here are some lies about this business that I want to reveal now…

Lie one: you have to have expert mechanical awareness of cars prior to starting your used automobile business. Untrue!

The truth: Knowing a few mechanical things about cars definitely will not hurt, but I started doing this with just about no mechanical knowledge of cars. However, there are some details about this business that are unrelated to mechanics that you should be aware of before beginning.

Lie two: Everybody must have a large auto lot and that is the sole way to operate. Untrue!

The truth: There are many in the business that operate from their own homes.

Lie three: You need mountains of cash to start. Untrue!

The truth: There are several successful entrepreneurs in the used car business that started with just a couple of hundred bucks and then pyramided their profits from each vehicle they sold into an empire.

Lie four: You cannot make cash selling used cars because the huge fortunes can only be made selling new vehicles. Untrue!

The reality is that serious cash has long been made from purchasing and selling used cars. Think about it, many new auto dealerships in the US have stopped selling new automobiles completely and are now ONLY purchasing and selling used cars.